About Kilbeggan Organic Foods

Kilbeggan Organic Foods was established in January 2011. This is a family business run by the Lalor Family to produce and market Organic food products based on the organic oat crop grown on the family farm, Ballard Organic Farm.

New Kilbeggan Oat Cookies, Individually Handmade with Organic Irish Oats, Kilbeggan Handmade Oat Cookies are created from an old recipe handed down through five generations of the Lalor family and now perfected by Lily Lalor … read more>>

Kilbeggan Organic Porridge & CookiesOats Produced from Ballard Organic Farm
Owned & Operated by the Lalor family since 1844

Out Of Stock

We regret that we are completely out of stock of Kilbeggan Organic Porridge Oats until the current harvest is completed. We hope to be back in the usual outlets by the middle of September. Thank you for your loyal support and we hope that you will continue to enjoy our porridge oats again, in the not too distant future. Pat lalor and family


Kilbeggan Porridge & Cookies

We had a sample of our oats professionally analysed. You can view the results below.

Kilbeggan Oats Analysis