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Kilbeggan Organic foods had a wonderful five days at Bloom in the park 2015

The Kilbeggan Organic foods stall all ready to go at Bloom in the park 2015.


Nevin Maguire pictured with Pat Lalor from Kilbeggan Organic Foods at Bloom in the park 2015. Nevin is a great supporter of Irish artisan food producers.
Pat & Nevin


Marty Whelan after interviewing Pat Lalor From Kilbeggan Organic Foods on Lyric FM at Bloom in the Park 2015


Marty Whelan about to enjoy some Kilbeggan Handmade Oat Cookies at Bloom in the Park 2015


Kilbeggan Organic Porridge oats is back in the shops!

However, due to the unprecedented demand for our product, it will not be possible for us to supply all the outlets which were being supplied last year. Unfortunately the supply will always be limited because in order to maintain the integrity of our product, we will only use organic oats grown on our own farm, Ballard Organic Farm. Therefore, our production will always be limited by the size of our farm which is currently running at full capacity for oat production.

We really regret that many of our valued customers will be disappointed at not being able to buy Kilbeggan Organic Porridge Oats and we would like to acknowledge your support in the past which has been instrumental in no small way in helping our brand to become so well established in a very short time.

The Lalor Family

Click here for a list of our outlets

‘Back to the Land’,Cara Magazine features Pat lalor and his Kilbeggan Organic Porridge

Pat Lalor
Ballard Farm, Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath

Pat Lalor’s decision, in 1999, to move from conventional to organic farming was a pragmatic one – “to try and make some more money,” he admits. “But I suppose since then I’ve come to enjoy the organic way of farming. When I was a conventional farmer, I was a scientific farmer. Now, I’m a biological farmer. My job is to nurture the soil, look after it, get it into the best possible state of health, so it will grow crops that are disease free.” The crucial difference is that, with conventional farming, if you encounter problems there is always a quick fix, a prescription. With organic farming, the plan is to avoid having problems, because there are no quick fixes.

So what most appeals to him about the farming lifestyle? “On a wet day, nothing appeals to me,” he says, then admits, “I like being my own boss, I like to make up my mind as I go along at my own pace. I could not be governed by a clock.” The downside, of course, is the unpredictability. “It’s very difficult to plan anything ahead; when the weather changes, your plans have to change. If you’re a very rigid person who likes all their ducks in a row, you’d go mad. It’s not for everybody,” he says. These days, Pat produces his own porridge, that breakfast staple Kilbeggan Organic oats. “That’s a very good development,” he says. “There’s more to life than making money, there’s job satisfaction as well, and there’s more of that now than there has ever been.”