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By Oliver Moores

Sometimes less is more. Now, sometimes more is definitely more too, but sometimes, less is more.

So it is with what has been a very successful run of organic porridge oats by one Pat Lalor. His own Kilbeggan Organic Porridge oats have been on sale since January. He has shifted 5000 units in 500 gr, 1 kg and 3 kg sizes thus far, and will finish off the 2011 batch with the last 1500 over the next month or so.

Its been impressive. He spent very little on branding, marketing or product design, choosing to work instead with a local printer, going for a simple rustic look and design. He took no significant risk as he sells oats to Flahavans anyway, and also grows oats as animal feed. And he has generated a noteworthy amount of completely free high profile advertising for this whole initiative. Nationwide on RTE 1, as well as the Pat Kerry show and Countrywide on RTE Radio 1 have all featured the product.

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